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Cette page est une traduction de la page C/C++ et la traduction est complétée à 100 % et à jour.

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The languages C and C++ are compiled languages that are available on Calcul Québec machines, thanks to the installed compilers (GCC, Intel, PGI and Pathscale). In general you will get better performance using compiled languages and for this reason we encourage you to write your software using such languages.

Tips and Tricks of C++ Programming

C++: Logger class 
a Logger class to write messages in a log file;
C++: allocating a two-dimensional matrix
C++: time.h 
a performance analysis tool based on time.h;
C++ STL: FastCollection 
the FastCollection class, based on std::vector;
C++: a binary Fortran file 
reading an 'unformatted' Fortran file;
C++ STL: The std::numeric_limits Class
C++: manipulating directories
C++ STL: algorithm 
the algorithm library;
C++: ostringstream 1 
easily construct formatted streams with ostringstream;
C++: ostringstream 2 
manipulating streams with ostringstream;
C++: configuration file
C++: calling Fortran code 
calling Fortran from C/C++;
C++ STL: std::set 
storing an ordered list with std::set.
MPI: mpi_assert
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