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Choosing a system

Calcul Québec features multiple compute servers, each having slightly different properties. You can view the list of compute servers on our web site.

After choosing the server that corresponds best to your needs, you should know the characteristics of the software you would like to use.

If you need help choosing an appropriate system for your project, please write to our team of analysts in as much detail as possible.

Properties to consider for your choice of server

Required memory

Small amounts
(≤ 24 GB per node)
Medium amounts Large amounts
(≥ 96 GB per node)

Briarée (nodes with 24 GB)
Colosse (nodes with 24 GB)
Guillimin (nodes with 24 GB)

Briarée (nodes with 48 GB)
Colosse (nodes with 48 GB)
Guillimin (nodes with 48 or 72 GB)

Briarée (nodes with 96 GB)
Guillimin (ScaleMP node, 1 TB)
Mp2 (large memory nodes, 256 or 512 GB)

Networking Requirements

Not a lot of communication between cores A lot of communication

Guillimin (sw queue)
Mp2 (qwork queue)

Guillimin (hb and lm queues)
Mp2 (qfbb queue)

Specialized Servers

Hadès, Helios

Server containing GPUs

Obtaining an account

You can find all details about obtaining an account on the Calcul Québec servers on our web site.

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