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Cette page est une traduction de la page Créer une page bilingue et la traduction est complétée à 100 % et à jour.

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Translating the wiki involves a bundle of extensions contained within the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle. The extension for translating is "Translate".

To create a page that will be bilingual :

  1. Add the <languages /> tag at the top of the page to display a box with available languages.
  2. Embed the page's code within the <translate> </translate> tags.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Click on "Mark this page to be translated" at the top of the page.
    1. Write the language into which the page should be translated (en or fr)
    2. Block translations into other languages.

General rules for the original text :

  • Avoid changes if possible.
  • Make the changes as isolated as possible.
  • Don't add translation unit markers yourself.
  • When you modify a page, you need to mark it again to be translated.

For more information :

Page for which the original language is English

Most of our wiki pages are first written in French, then translated in English. The default language for our wiki is therefore French. If that is not the case for a given page (i.e. the original language is English), you need to add something to the page so that the Translate extension detects the language correctly. To do so, add the following tag at the bottom of the page:

[[Category:English documentation]]

If this tag is contained in the page, the translate extension will consider the source language to be English and will allow translation to French.

Useful pages for translation

A title

This is an example of bilingual page.

A subtitle

This is an example of bilingual page. This is an example of bilingual page.

Another title

This is an example of bilingual page. This is an example of bilingual page.

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