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A brief description of Guillimin (in French) is available here: link. A more detailed description can be found here: McGill HPC site (only available in English).


Phase I, installed in 2010, consists of 1200 Westmere servers. Phase II, installed in 2013, added 500 SandyBridge servers. From one phase to the other, the total storage space has more than doubled.

Using Guillimin

  1. Create an Compute Canada account link and a Calcul Québec account.
    1. Activate access to Guillimin using the following link. You can also access this page by logging in to your Calcul account and clicking "My Account". Under "Access to Resources", chose Guillimin such that its access status shows "On".
    2. More instructions are here.
  2. Allow for a delay between enabling access to Guillimin and logging on using SSH.
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