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It may sometimes be useful to include a set of tabs inside a wiki page. It could be the case for example to show specific features of each compute server. To simplify the creation of such a tab set, we have a template Tabs.

A tab set is create for example using the following code:

<xh2> Briarée </xh2>
Briarée is ...
<xh2> Colosse </xh2>
Colosse is ...
Guillimin is ...
Mammouth is ...

which produces the result:


Briarée is ...


Colosse is ...


Guillimin is ...


Mammouth is ...

Note that only a single set of tabs can be displayed on any given page, but that any number of tabs can be shown within a set of tabs. We however recommend to limit the number of tabs to facilitate the display on various media.

In the above example, we used the <xh2> tag. This tag allows to add a title without showing it in the table of content. This is required within a tab, since the table of content can not link to content inside a tab.

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