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There are many tools to edit text files on Linux. Here are some of the most popular text editors:

  • emacs: a full screen, text mode editor that is customizable. emacs exists in many flavors, including a GNU version.
  • nano: a simple, light-weight editor. Official nano website.
  • nedit: a simple and widespread editor, requiring an Xwindows graphic environment. Official nedit website.
  • vi: a full screen, text mode editor. It is included within every UNIX and Linux systems. All details on vi's advantages as well as a full list of commands is available on The vi Lovers Home Page.
  • vim: an improved version of vi Official vim website

nano is probably the simplest editor to use out of the above. Here are some tips to use it:

[name@server $] nano file_to_edit

Useful keyboard short cuts:

  • Ctrl+o: save modifications
  • Ctrl+w: search through the file
  • Ctrl+x: close without saving
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