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TotalView is a debugger for applications written in C/C++, Fortran and CUDA.

Totalview allows you to investigate a serial programs as well as (synchronous or asynchronous) multithreaded programs with the threads running simultaneously. It also includes a memory use tool for detecting memory leaks and other errors related to corrupt memory locations or the allocation of dynamic memory (MemoryScape) as well as a reverse debugging tool (ReplayEngine). The data analysis functionalities of TotalView allow you to detect anomalies in the source code and the combination of visualization tools and watch points allows you to follow the modification of variables during program execution. The software also offers you the possibility of applying a code correction and testing it on the fly, without having to recompile the executable. What's more, TotalView supports the debugging of parallel applications that use MPI and OpenMP, in both interactive and batch mode.

The complete documentation for TotalView is available from Rogue Wave Software.

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